Ragaini Radiatori Philosophy

In the '70s, thinking about industrial waste as a resource and not only as a cost was an extraordinary pioneering conception.  The intuition to create heating bodies with recycled materials has been a key factor in the establishment and consolidation of the company in the market.

The material chosen was aluminium, a metal that can be 100% recycled infinitely without any quality loss. It will always keep its extreme flexibility, high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, reflecting power and, therefore, endless possible applications.

Since the beginning of their business, the Ragaini brothers have been structuring their company to manage internally the whole recovery and processing cycle of aluminium from scraps into extremely light, efficient and easy-to-install radiators.

A courageous choice that embraces the principle of the eco-friendly progress and is still the hallmark of the company, which participates in the Greenheater programme for sustainable heating systems.
In 2002, the study on a perfect alchemy between efficiency and creativity led to the creation of AD-HOC, a new line of radiators with a refined and elegant design, conceived according to the highest standards of interior design.

This was an important breakthrough which allowed the company to diversify its distribution channels, opening up a new market segment and receiving international awards.

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