Ragaini Radiatori

Ragaini Radiatori is located in Loreto (Ancona, Italy), 1,5 km far from Loreto/Recanati exit of A14 motorway.
The company business activities are all carried out in the Italian plants, which span a covered area of 54.000 sqm.

The plant is equipped with all the areas and facilities needed to carry out the complete production process of die-cast aluminium radiators. Scraps of all kinds and origins, from waste sorting to automotive or appliances industry, are collected in the large squares of the factory, stored and then transported to the furnaces to be melted. Then follows the molding stage, carried out in a mold-making workshop fully equipped for the production and maintenance of die-casting steel molds. The mechanical processes of assembly and painting take place in other specific production departments, up to the packaging of the finished product.

The production cycle of AdHoc design radiators line is carried out in a dedicated plant equipped with separate areas for the whole production cycle, realized with expert craftsmanship by highly skilled workers.

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