Who we are

Founded in 1969, the Ragaini Group was born out of the ambition of Tommaso Ragaini who decided to reboot the family-run business, committed to the installation of heating and hydraulic systems for civil and domestic use since many years. Together with his three brothers, he gave shape to his vision by creating RAG-ALL which, in a few years, became a leading producer of die-cast aluminium radiators for heating systems. Talent and professionalism, along with technological innovation, have brought to life new ideas and patents which turned out to be forerunners of the sustainable well-being current trends.

In a path full of joys and sorrows, of successes and ever-new challenges, flexibility and informed optimism have led the company to constantly improve its know-how in researching innovative solutions. Today, Ragaini Radiatori is a leading player in the field of die-cast aluminium radiators, with many clients in Italy and abroad and always looking to new horizons.
The future of the group is expected to be rich in new challenges and projects, in a process of constant renewal aimed to strengthen its international market presence.

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Our history

The four Ragaini brothers founded Ragall (Ragaini Alluminio)
The company grew with the foundation of Mectherm factory and brand. With Ragall and Mectherm the Group became a leading player in the 1970s aluminium radiators market
1970 / 1972
Baxi Roca became a partner of Ragaini which could enter the Spanish and Portuguese market indirectly. Lo.Met. S.p.A. was founded. Since then, Ragaini was 75% owned by Lo.Met. and 25% Baxi
Acquisition of Archfer (Hox since 2000), a company specialized in steel radiators and towel warmers
Foundation of Decoral which produces and markets special radiators as well as cheaper ones for large retailers. Launch of AD-HOC luxury line, a new way to conceive radiators. Opening of a factory in Romania to supply the former Soviet Union countries
Hox was absorbed by Ad-Hoc, while Form e Mectherm merged into Ragall. There were now two poles of excellence: the first one specialized in high-end furnishings and design, the second one in fusion and production of aluminium radiators.
The whole business of Gruppo Ragaini and Lo.Met merged into Ragaini Radiatori S.p.A. which simplified the company structure for a greater efficiency of management

Die-cast radiator brands

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Design radiators

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